Introduction to the CMS Migration Project

April 10, 2019

I am pleased to introduce you to the CMS Migration Project—a project to move the Baylor website from the home-grown Baylor Content Management System to a cloud-hosted version of Drupal. You’re receiving this message because you have a role in managing web content (you are designated as a user of Baylor’s current CMS) for the University.

Efforts on this project began last year as a working group of key technology and marketing staff from across campus was commissioned to evaluate web content management systems. This CMS Working Group ultimately recommended Baylor adopt the Acquia Drupal CMS for the University’s digital marketing platform. One of the compelling reasons for the recommendation of Drupal is the wide use of this system by tier one research institutions, as well as many top corporations and retailers.

A project to move from the Baylor CMS to Drupal began earlier this year, with a number of staff from ITS and Digital Marketing developing the core environment. As with enterprise projects of this nature, the team will spend the next few months in development, and we will begin launching websites later in the year.

This is an exciting time for the University and for all of you who play important roles in managing Baylor websites. The new system is more powerful and modern, and although it will be different than our existing system, it has robust tools that should ultimately simplify our work and empower the University’s digital future as we proceed in our tier one aspirations.

We have created a web presence for the CMS Migration Project with more information about the project objectives, team and timeline. Moving forward, we will communicate regularly with you regarding this project. We are excited to have more conversations about specific site migrations later in the year. For now, please continue to work with your web consultants if you have questions about your Baylor website.

And if you’re not an active web content manager and don’t want to receive future updates, please reply to this message and let me know.


Andrew Maddox
Director, Digital Marketing Development
Marketing and Communications