CMS Migration Project Updates, May 2019

May 31, 2019

I wanted to share another update with you regarding the CMS Migration Project and our work thus far. The core development team has made good progress over the past few weeks as the team crafted a new digital theme and started building the foundation for Baylor's digital/web marketing platform.

Leveraging the newly released Baylor united brand guidelines, our digital designers created an updated look & feel, and the front-end development team crafted a matching Drupal theme for use on Baylor websites.

Other members of the core development team have been configuring more technical parts of the system, connecting Drupal back to some of Baylor's enterprise systems while establishing shared system infrastructure (signing on using your BearId for instance).

The migration project remains on schedule, and the first website on the new platform will launch this summer, with a tentative launch date of June 28. It is my hope to announce this exciting news in my next email to you.

Much work still remains on the platform, and the broad migration of websites to Drupal is on schedule and will begin later this year and into early 2020.

As a resource, we created a web presence for the CMS Migration Project with more information about the project objectives, team, timeline as well as an archive of update emails. And finally, if you're not an active web content manager and don't want to receive future updates, please reply to this message and let me know.


Andrew Maddox
Director, Digital Marketing Development
Marketing and Communications